Cards and Direct Credit Workflow Guides

Added new workflow guides for direct credit payouts and card payins


Improved Callbacks guide

Added the section "Callbacks by payment" which show types and how many callbacks to expect for each payment type


Added Missing Pending Statuses

Added missing status pending and bpay_pending to Statuses page


Added BPAY Payouts Workflow

A new workflow for BPAY Payout can be found here BPAY Payouts Workflow (Draft)

BPAY APIs and Error Codes

  • All the BPAY related APIs have moved out of Draft (Not Released) section and are now in Pre-Live

Added missing API specs for wallet account NPP and BPAY details

Added the following missing API specifications:


Added new BPay Payout callbacks and test data

The Callbacks page now has webhooks for bpay payouts batch_transactions for both bank_processing and successful states


Added new draft API "Get a User's BPay Accounts"

Added a new API for retrieving a list of a user's BPay accounts


Drop-in UI Support for American Express

Drop-in UI page updated to indicate support for American Express

API Specifications (YAML/JSON)

Added the YAML/JSON docs for our API specifications (for both current and draft APIs)