Virtual Accounts becoming asynchronous

Updated Virtual Accounts to include the following:


Changes to PCI and Card Guides

Please review these pages as they have changed in terms of structure, layout:

Virtual Accounts

We have added API references for Virtual Accounts
and guides for Virtual Accounts

Basic Auth has been deprecated

Basic Authentication (To Be Deprecated) has been updated to deprecated

YAML Update - Amount and number fields to be Integer

The YAML specification has been update as some fields in the request body relating to amounts/numbers had incorrect field types. These have been changed from string type to integer


Added CVV Fields to APIs

As part of introducing CVV verification we have updated the following APIs to include optional fields related to CVV. These will appear based on your settings.


New Authentication Details - Now Live

The new OAuth2 client credential authentication framework details are now live. The related pages can be found here:


New Authentication Framework Details Added

We have added the following pages to detail our new OAuth2 client credential authentication framework here:


API Enhancements - Refunds and List Batch Transactions

We have added new fields to the following APIs:


Workflow Guides and Postman Update