Amend PayTo Agreement Details

Amend details of a particular agreement via its UUID. There are two types of amendments possible via this operation:

  • Unilateral amendments - which does not need debtor approval and will be effective immediately
  • Bilateral amendments - which does require debtor approval and will be effective post debtor authorisation

Optional fields can also be cleared via an amend request if needed. Passing an hyphen(-) character for any optional field would indicate its value needs to be cleared.

Either unilateral or bilateral amendments will be accepted in an amendment request. Both types of amendments cannot be provided in a single request.

At any given point of time, only a single unilateral or a single bilateral amendment will be allowed. Example - If a bilateral amendment is already in progress, another bilateral amendment request will not be accepted until the first completes.

Unilateral details that can be amended:

  • description
  • short_description
  • creditor_info
  • payment_initiator_info

Bilateral details that can be amended:

  • validity_end_date
  • transfer_arrangement
  • automatic_renewal
  • payment_terms - payment_amount_info, first_payment_info, last_payment_info, maximum_amount_info and point_in_time can be amended at any point however frequency and count_per_period can be amended only if no payments have been requested for the agreement yet.

Note - Bilateral amendments will be effective only post debtor authorization. Debtor should authorize the amendments within 5 days (default duration) or within the custom expiry duration (response_requested_by) specified in the amendment request.

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