Initiate PayTo Payment

This endpoint is to initiate a payment to collect funds from the debtor's account or to retry if the previous payment collection request was rejected due to valid business reasons.
This API should be invoked strictly as per the terms and conditions established in the agreement to avoid payment claims. Even the retries should be attempted as per the agreement terms and conditions.

Payment initiation request statuses -

  • PENDING_PAYMENT_INITIATION - when the payment initiation request has been accepted for processing
  • PAYMENT_INITIATED - when the payment is being processed
  • PAYMENT_COMPLETED - when the payment is cleared and settled successfully. Funds can be expected in the user's wallet soon
  • PAYMENT_REJECTED - when the payment is rejected for processing due to validation, funds not available in the debtor's account or any other
    business reason. A retry can be performed in such scenarios

If the payment collection request has been rejected due to valid business reasons (example - insufficient funds), a retry can be attempted for the same.

Payment_request_uuid generated will be the same for the payment collection request and all subsequent retry attempts, however, instruction_id differs for each.

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