Identity Verification

Some of the processes that happen in the real world need to be bypassed in our Pre-live environment, and user verification is one such process.

In the real world, we have systems and a team of people who'll manage the user verification process in the background and complete checks as needed. When testing in Pre-live, you'll need to approve users as part of your testing.

To do this, you'll need to complete all of the required fields for the user (the API response will tell you what's needed) and then call PATCH /users/:id/identity_verified.

Remember: The user verification requirement only exists for a user you are sending money to (payout users). Your payin users do not require the same level of information unless in your workflow you're also sending funds to them (meaning that your users could be payin and payout). If you are sending funds to and receiving funds from your users, please contact our support team at [email protected] to talk about how to manage this.

Postman example


Verifying the user using cURL

curl -X "PATCH" "" \-H "authorization: Basic Y2NydXpAYXNzZW1ibHlwYXltZW50cy5jb20==

For more information, see Verify User on our API reference.