Stored Value Accounts

Store unlimited value in wallets with Zai.


Australia only

The following guide is for platforms operating in Australia.

Stored value accounts allow you to combine all the capabilities of the Zai ecosystem with the ability to store unlimited value in wallet accounts for as long as you're our customer. Stored value accounts also include the flexibility of an added option to better manage funds by using customisable sub-wallet accounts.

The way your business can best take advantage of stored value accounts will be dependent on your industry and use case. You may choose to simply create a single virtual account to store the value, or you may wish to combine one or many other Zai capabilities to design the optimal solution for you and your platform users.
By combining stored value accounts with other Zai capabilities, you and your users can:

  • create and use virtual accounts per user.
  • accept deposits using:
    • in real-time via NPP, optionally using a PayID alias for the virtual account.
    • NPP PayTo real time payment initiation requests.
    • direct credit to a virtual account number.
    • BPAY payments to a BPAY Biller Code.
    • direct debit.
  • store unlimited balances in wallet accounts for the duration of your agreement with Zai as a customer.
  • use a main wallet account balance to instantly transfer amounts to and from your main wallet account, or between the main wallet accounts of two users without the time and cost of a separate payin. Learn more about our main wallet accounts.
  • optionally, store deposit balances and instantly transfer funds between a main wallet account and multiple sub-wallet accounts.
  • use wallet account balances to fund payment of BPAY bills. These may be consumer household bills or business utility accounts, and many other Billers including the Australian Taxation Office.
  • use wallet account balances to fund payments to other third parties - in real-time via NPP or direct credit - this may include suppliers, government agencies and or employees.
  • enable users to withdraw funds from their wallet account to their linked bank account - in real-time via NPP or direct credit.


The stored value accounts capability alone does not create a new type of user or a new type of main wallet. On its own, it allows you, as an approved customer platform to be able to store unlimited value for as long as you're a Zai customer, using the existing user and wallet structure.

Getting started

To start taking advantage of our stored value accounts feature, you’ll need approval from Zai. Contact Zai's Account Management team for access. Also, if you choose to opt for the sub-wallet account option, further integration will be required.

What’s Next

Learn about our optional sub-wallet capabilities.