Sub-Wallet Accounts


Australia only

The following guide is for platforms operating in Australia.

Sub-wallets form part of Zai’s stored value accounts capability. In order to access and use sub-wallets, your platform needs to be enabled with the sub-wallet configuration, as well as approved for using stored value accounts. Contact Zai's Account Management team to check your access.


In addition to the main wallet account, you can optionally create multiple sub-wallet accounts for your users. This allows you to organise and group funds, providing a more granular view of finances. For example, with sub-wallets, you can set aside some funds for an obligation that will be needed at a later date.

Use sub-wallets as a part of building your own scheduling and workflow. This way, you control the experience for your customers. Create as many sub-wallets as you want to manage, containing as much currency as you need.

Sub-wallets and transferring funds

Users can initiate a transfer of funds from one of their sub-wallets to another as long as it’s directly related to the same user. Also, transferring funds can be done between the main wallet account and its associated sub-wallet(s).


Please note

No direct payin transactions from external sources are allowed into a sub-wallet. (You can’t trigger a “make payment” to an item from a sub-wallet.) Funds will have to be moved back to the main wallet account to do so. Note that transactions are only available to the user who has the wallet account.

Workflow options

You may choose to design your flow so that the two-step process (payin to the main wallet, then transferring to a sub-wallet) can appear as a one-step process for your end user. To achieve this, you can use our PayID per User capability to allocate a PayID for payins to the main wallet, and then another for payins to the sub-wallet (through the main wallet), with your platform triggering the transfer.

Otherwise, you can leave it up to your end user to decide when and how much should be transferred from the main wallet.

Sub-wallet payout capabilities

Funds can be withdrawn from a sub-wallet account using the Withdraw Funds API. Zai supports using a bank account as a payout destination. The full or partial balance can be withdrawn and disbursed to the bank account associated with the user (as long as the account is linked to the user before attempting a withdrawal of funds).

Your users can use their funds to facilitate a payout and send the funds via their nominated bank accounts in real-time (NPP) or direct credit processing.


The balance held in a sub-wallet can be used to fund a BPAY payment to a nominated BPAY Biller using the Pay a Bill API. Also see the BPAY Payout Workflow guide for more details.

Payments to other 3rd parties

Users can transfer funds back from the sub-wallet to its associated main wallet to enable regular payout mechanisms to pay other 3rd parties (that aren't BPAY Billers), such as a tradesperson/contractor or other suppliers.


Please note

You cannot use the Make Payment API to perform a payout directly from a sub-wallet, but the same result can be achieved after first transferring funds to the main wallet account.