Integration Certification

Once you've built your integration to our API, there are a few things we'll need to check.

What is integration certification?

Once you've built out a Sandbox integration and are ready to push real-world transactions, we need to book in a time to conduct an integration review & certification with your developers. We recommend booking this session a few weeks in advance of your go live date, just to ensure you have enough time to adjust anything as required.

Before you contact us for a production account, we recommend you complete as many of the certification steps on your own, to reduce delays with your go live.

Certification activities

The exact certification checks that occur will vary depending on the countries you service, your business model, the payment methods you are using and how you have integrated to the Zai API.

To save time before you go live, we recommend that you check and prepare the following:

  • Prepare and end-to-end payment journey showing your inbound and outbound payments including the happy and unhappy paths for payments. For example, how are you planning to manage refunds? What about disputes? Fraud? Chargebacks? We recommend you plan for more than just your happy path, or this can slow down your move to production.
  • Along with your payment journey, we will need evidence of working exception flows for refunds, returns, cancellations, fraud or other payment exceptions.
  • Evidence of webhooks being captured for object state changes for Transactions, Batch Transactions, Wallets, Users and other objects as required.
  • If you are accepting credit card payments, we'll need to see evidence of card data being handled securely as well as require a copy of the relevant SAQ document completed for our records.
  • Make sure you understand the AML / user verification data management requirements of your model and are passing all required data.
  • A login to your test or demo environment is ideal. This lets us view your user journey and run test payments from your platform to the API.

Once you have all of the above prepared, please contact our support team to organise a session with your developers to review your integration.

In the interim, happy building!